T​ake 3 for the Sea​ launches its new online Surf Life Saving Clubs (SLSC) program for the 2021-22 surf life saving season. With the support of the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) through the Community Litter Grant program, Take 3 have now made it easier than ever for SLSC’s to make positive environmental change in their communities. 

The new program empowers SLSCs and their communities to be part of the solution to litter and plastic pollution, an issue impacting beaches all around Australia and the world. Through the FREE new online resources and educational videos, the program educates SLSCs about the impact of plastic pollution on coastal and marine environments, and actions they can take to prevent litter. SLSCs connect millions of people with the ocean, and therefore have significant power to help tackle an issue like litter in our oceans. 

Five focus areas make up Take 3’s SLSC program;

  • Educating clubs on litter in the environment 
  • Teaching clubs how to run their own beach clean up
  • Teach clubs how to create and implement litter reduction ideas 
  • Implementing litter enforcement, in conjunction with the local council and the ​Hey Tosser! Campaign
  • The importance of data collection

Now that the new program is officially open for all surf clubs in NSW, we are hoping to see the program grow around the state and ultimately the country. The program offers four levels of partnership for surf clubs to choose from: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Local Litter Champions. This gives surf clubs the freedom to start small or jump straight into taking positive steps towards litter reduction. 

Take 3 with North Bondi SLSC Nippers in 2018 (Image by Julia Wheeler)

Newport SLSC is one of the first surf clubs to partner with the new online program, and have partnered at the highest level: Local Litter Champions. 

“At Newport SLSC, we are very passionate about protecting our precious beach. It has given us so much, so we want to ensure that we are giving back to it. We are conducting an EPA local litter check through the local litter champion level as we want to ensure we are not just collecting litter, but stopping it at the source” said Lizzie Welborn,  a previous Take 3 ambassador for Newport SLSC, and the Project Manager for the Take 3 SLSC program. 

“I have been involved in surf clubs my whole life, and I know they are filled with people who are passionate about protecting our oceans. Trying to encourage other members in your surf club to be involved in making change like this can be challenging, but this platform gives these individuals a clear path to make positive change in their community”, said Lizzie. 

Lizzie Welborn, Project Manager for the Take 3 SLSC program

“To date, Take 3’s SLSC program has been delivered to more than 40 surf clubs around Australia, and has seen major positive impacts as a result. We’ve cleaned 1.7 million square meters of beach around Australia, and removed 9,700 tonnes of rubbish from those sites. Take 3 expects to see these impacts multiplied greatly in the years to come, thanks to the accessibility of the new program’s online format,” said Sarah Beard, CEO of Take 3.

The program was piloted on the South Coast of NSW by Shoal Heads SLSC, Sussex Inlet SLSC and Basin Community Nippers Clubs last year. The pilot showed how collaboration between Take 3, surf clubs, councils and the EPA can help reduce litter on our beaches. “The support from the EPA’s Community Litter Grant to take our SLSC program online is testimony to the huge success the Take 3 SLSC program has already experienced across the state, particularly here in the Shoalhaven, with the ongoing backing from the Shoalhaven City Council,” said Monica Mudge, former Take 3 SLSC program Manager and South Coast Take 3 ambassador. “This program is a great way to connect with your local council.  The Shoalhaven City Council supported surf clubs with their Take 3 projects by providing murals, signage and support,” said Monica. 

The new online program embodies the evolution of Take 3’s education programs and now opens the doors for these education materials to be accessed by more Aussie Nippers and communities than ever before. 

Click here to sign up, there are no costs involved.

For more information contact Lizzie Welborn slsc@take3.org