Demonstrate leadership on sustainability by hosting a Take 3 Clean Up. A half-day team-building event in the great outdoors that boosts your team’s morale and encourages collaboration, whilst showcasing your company’s commitment to the environment. 

The day begins with a presentation on the importance of ocean conversation, the impacts of plastic pollution and simple but effective solutions they can easily incorporate into their own lives and in the office. Participants will then head to the beach, foreshore or park to pick up rubbish, and upon return they sort and count what they have collected. Finally, the team will have the opportunity to discuss what they have learnt and share their ideas for reducing their use of plastic at home and in the workplace. A rewarding, hands-on event that makes a positive difference!


Looking for an engaging and interactive way to introduce your corporate team to the urgent issue of plastic pollution? Our dynamic presentation is designed to captivate and educate, with a hands-on approach that will leave a lasting impact.

Our experienced presenters use interactive tools, and activities to bring the topic of plastic pollution to life, highlighting the scope of the problem and its impact on our planet. Your team will come away with a deeper understanding of the crisis and the vital role that they can play in enacting change. They will also gain practical solutions for reducing their plastic consumption in their personal and professional lives.
So why not make a positive impact on the environment, while inspiring and empowering your team at the same time?


This interactive session that will take place in the comfort of your own home or office is a fun and engaging way to gain a deeper understanding of “The Plastic Problem” and learn how to be a part of the solution.

Participants will ‘hunt’ for plastic items of different types, such as single-use, recyclable, favorite, and even silly plastics. Upon returning to the group zoom, they will have the opportunity to share and discuss their findings  and together, we will brainstorm ways to avoid plastic, use alternatives and rethink our relationships with the material.

After this fun activity, participants will walk away with practical action steps to reduce plastic in their own lives. Learn how you can be part of the solution to the plastic crisis while building a network of partners and colleagues who share the same goal.

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