Surf Life Saving Clubs

Surf Life Saving Clubs save lives at the beach. But what do we do when it’s the beaches that need saving?

Take 3 has created an easy way for your Surf Life Saving Club to be proactive in protecting your beach from plastic pollution. Over 800 species of marine wildlife are affected by our litter. By keeping our beaches clean and litter free, we can save the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent marine creatures including turtles, birds, whales, dolphins, and fish.

Welcome to the Take 3 SLSC Program!

This project is a NSW Environment Protection Authority ‘Waste Less Recycle More’ initiative, funded from the waste levy.

“As surf lifesavers, I believe we have a responsibility to give back to our beaches that have given us so much. This program is an easy way to take this first step.”
Lizzie Welborn, Surf Lifesaver and Take 3 SLSC Project Manager

Benefits of joining the program

  • Surf Life Saving Clubs are on the front line of the plastic pollution issue. Using the Take 3 program is an easy way to ensure your surf club is taking action on this important environmental issue. It also shows the community that you care and are being proactive about plastic pollution and protecting our beaches.  
  • The program is perfectly designed to be run by young people within the surf club. Surf clubs are filled with young, passionate environmentalists, and having them lead programs like this is a great way to keep them involved. It is also a great way for them to show initiative and leadership within the club. 
  • When the weather is too bad to run nippers outside, you can use the program’s resources and activities to teach all age groups about plastic pollution and the importance of protecting our oceans. 
  • Participating in environmental projects like this could attract potential club sponsors and new members. It also helps the clubs work towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water which asks us to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.

More Information

The Take 3 SLSC Program offers a partnership with Surf Life Saving Clubs, providing FREE resources clubs can use to educate and inspire their community to become active in protecting our beaches from pollution. The program contains information on how to: 

  • conduct a beach clean-up, 
  • educate nippers on the issue of plastic pollution, and 
  • create change within the surf club community to reduce plastic pollution. 

There are four different levels surf clubs can sign up for: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Local Litter Champion. Each level has different requirements, allowing surf clubs to implement the program in a way that suits them. Once you sign up and make an account, all the instructions and information needed is found on the profile page, which is provided in short and informative online videos. 

Data collected from beach clean-ups and other activities can be uploaded to the surf club’s profile for their own record and to send back to Take 3. The program is generally run by a junior and senior representative elected by the surf club, but can also be run by multiple members, whatever works best.

The program is an easy and fun way to start making positive environmental change!

Once you’ve signed up…

Once you sign up and make an account our head of SLSC Programs, Lizzie Welborn, will be in contact with you and provide you with all the resources you need to start the program. This includes our brand new program videos, which guide you through the program.

The first 10 clubs to sign up to the new program will receive a free clean up kit, which includes gloves, clean bags, a sharps container and bin posters! Clean up kits are also available for purchase on the Take 3 website if you miss the free bundle. We also encourage clubs to be creative with what resources they use, for example, you could ask your members to bring their own bags and gloves to the clean up so we can continue to reduce and reuse our resources.

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