Our Story

Wherever we are, we are connected to the sea. The ocean provides us with the oxygen we breathe and the climate that sustains us. We need a healthy ocean for our own survival.

Plastic pollution is killing wildlife, devastating oceans and threatening the health of our planet. Plastic represents a disconnection. It’s a material designed to last forever that we often use only once. Poorly managed plastic leaks into the sea. The ocean is downhill from everywhere.

Through education that inspires participation, Take 3 is building a global movement of people who are connected to the planet.

Join our movement today.


Take 3 believes in simple actions to address complex problems.

How can we stop plastic pollution from killing wildlife and suffocating our planet?

In 2009, two friends set about answering this question. Marine ecologist, Roberta Dixon-Valk and youth educator, Amanda Marechal developed Take 3 – an idea where a simple action could produce profound consequences. Joining forces with environmentalist, Tim Silverwood, the trio publicly launched Take 3 as an organisation in 2010.

Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or…anywhere, and you have made a difference.

The Take 3 for the Sea movement was born.

Our Inspiration

The Turtle

Turtles are truly ancient beings. The oldest known fossil is 120 million years old, making them one of the oldest creatures to inhabit the planet. Turtles represent the continuous connection between land and sea. Their lives are a constant cycle of nesting on land before travelling the seas for thousands of kilometres. Female marine turtles return to their own birthplace when it is time for them to lay their own eggs.

Plastic pollution is devastating marine turtles through entanglement in debris and contamination of their food chain. When soft plastic enters the sea it has striking similarity to jellyfish, a main food source for turtles. Too many turtles are innocent victims of our careless consumption of plastic.

We owe it to the sea turtles to make plastic pollution a thing of the past. Take action now.


Environmental Communication Award

Take 3 was recognised as the winner of the Environment Communication award at the 2020 Sustainable Communities Tidy Towns Awards.

Inspiring Change Award

Take 3 received the Inspiring Change Award at the 2019 World Whale Conference for inspiring change in human behaviour to benefit cetacean conservation.

Virgin Coastcare Award

Take 3 was recognised as Landcare Champions at the 2019 NSW Landcare Awards for education programs that inspire participation and environmental conservation.

Our Vision

To conserve the environment and protect wildlife from the impacts of plastic pollution and waste by leading a movement of people connected to the planet.

Our Mission

Take 3 inspires participation in simple actions that reduce the impacts of plastic pollution and waste in the ocean and broader environment.

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Our Team

Jacquie Riddell


Amanda Marechal


Roberta Dixon-Valk

Head of Programs and Co-Founder

Annie Woollard

Early Childhood

Jenny-Lee Scharnboeck

Head of Partnerships

Christine Tapara

Operations & Office Manager

Georgia Chandler

Head of Digital Communications

Emilee Deal


Monica Mudge

Surf Lifesaving Program

Morgan Bell

Legal Assistant

Janet Aitchison

Volunteers Coordinator

Lisa Vehrenkamp


Nicole Holyer

First Wave Tourism Project

Rebecca Dawes

First Wave Tourism Project

Annie Woollard

Youth Leadership Program

Deborah Venter


Dana Lopez

Take 3 Educator

Vincent Krohne

Take 3 Intern

Melayne Tennyson

Early Childhood

Our Board

Amy Somes


Amanda Choy


Stephen Loyd-Jones


Sandrina Postorino

Gill McLaren

Paul Davies

Heather Little

Rebelle Moriarty

Amanda Visser

Jack Whelan

Our Ambassadors

Lauren Barnes

Laura Wells

Belinda Baggs

Kyal and Kara

Hunter Jones

Lilly Pollard

Luke Shadbolt

Russ Molony

Harley Ingleby

Grant Molony

Adrian ‘Ace’ Buchan

Russell Ord

Ben Player

Jess Leitmanis

Jake Feher

Kate Nelson

Lizzie Welborn

Reed Plummer

Warren Keelan

Nick Pumphrey

Tim Silverwood

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