Fjallraven join Take 3 for a City Streets Clean-up in Sydney

Take 3 staff and volunteers came together with the Fjällräven community to clean up the city streets of Sydney in a celebration of our ongoing partnership. 

More than 200 people turned out on a recent Sunday morning to take part in the clean-up in and around Wynyard Park, Sydney. The park, located close to Fjällräven’s flagship store on York Street, and just 450 metres from Sydney’s iconic Darling Harbour, is in a highly populated urban area. It is surrounded by residential buildings, shops, cafes and restaurants. At first glance, the park did not appear to be heavily littered. However, once the group started looking more closely, the true situation became apparent. Hannah Regan of Take 3 said, “The participants collected a huge amount of rubbish. It consisted largely of the usual suspects, such as cigarette butts, plastic packaging, and face masks. Interestingly, the clean-up also highlighted the abundance of an emerging problematic litter source, e-cigarettes or vapes.”

Take 3 was delighted to be joined by a number of Fjällräven staff on the day, as well as the broader Fjällräven Sydney community in order to have a real impact on the natural environment, and continue the conversation about reducing litter at source. The clean up took place over the course of an hour and a half and a total of 9,816 items were collected, of which 54.6% were cigarette butts. The next major litter source, unsurprisingly, was plastic packaging which accounted for 17.8% of the total. 

Take 3 X Fjallraven Community Clean Up Wynyard Park, Sydney

“Most of our clean ups take place on or around beaches”, said Hannah, “so it was interesting to observe the different items found in a city streets clean-up. Not surprisingly, there weren’t very many fishing-related items found in Wynyard Park but we did collect some unexpected things, including 12 light bulbs, 17 rubber balloons, 33 e-cigarettes or vapes, and 28 items of clothing which reflect the urban environment around the park.”

Jenny-Lee Scharnboeck, Interim CEO, Take 3 for the Sea said, “It was so inspiring to see such a wonderful community effort from Fjällräven, helping us clean up the streets. After the recent heavy rains and floods our work is more important than ever, with most litter, even that in city streets, eventually ending up in the ocean so please dig deep and donate here to support our work.  Every little bit helps us remove plastic from our ocean and educate people about the importance of ocean conservation.”

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About Fjällräven

Fjällräven is an outdoor clothing and equipment company whose core mission and driving force is to enable and inspire more people to spend time in nature. In line with its Swedish roots, Fjällräven focuses on simplicity and practicality, with an enduring respect for the environment. The company looks for sustainable solutions, including using recycled and organic materials, PFC-free impregnation and developing long-lasting products that can be worn and loved for generations. Fjällräven has been a Take 3 partner since June 2021.