Plastic Free Tips: The Bathroom

Welcome to week 3 of the Plastic Free Tips! This week, we’re pulling back the shower curtain and taking a look at the bathroom.

Haircare, beauty, hygiene and cleaning products are commonly seen as ‘necessities’ in most households. Whether you shop online or in-store, purchasing these personal care products can seem impossible when you’re trying to go plastic free. 

We’ve developed some simple swaps and tips on how to minimise your plastic footprint in the bathroom, so you can look good and feel great, guilt free! 

  • Ditch toilet paper wrapped in plastic
    Toilet paper usually comes packaged in plastic. To avoid this, there are a range of alternatives available that come wrapped in recycled paper, packed in cardboard boxes or available in bulk. Try to find toilet paper that is made from 100% recycled paper or bamboo; it’s better for the planet.
  • Shampoo and conditioner
    If you prefer liquid hair care, swap plastic bottles that pile up in landfill and oceans, for glass jars that can be refilled at bulk stores. If you can’t find refill stations, you can always DIY! There are numerous easy recipes online. Another alternative is shampoo and conditioner in bars, which are widely accessible and user friendly.
  • Use plastic free hand & body wash
    Similar ideas as shampoo and conditioner, you can purchase soap bars free from plastic packaging, or opt for liquid refills at your local bulk store. Again, If you can’t find bulk or refill options, you can always DIY!
  • Switch to a metal safety razor
    Want a better investment for the planet and your wallet? Opt for a metal safety razor instead of a disposable plastic variety. A quality metal razor can last a lifetime.
  • Deodorant in glass
    You can still smell good while avoiding waste! Switch out your deodorant cans for natural deodorants that come in glass jars. Other alternatives include solid deodorant bars, or you can make your own with simple household ingredients.
  • Sponges, face washers and exfoliators
    Swap plastic sponges, face washers and body exfoliators with wooden or bamboo body brushes or natural-fibre options. Bamboo is antibacterial and durable, meaning it’ll last a long time. Package free exfoliating bars are another natural, plastic free option you can use.
  • Cotton tips
    Bamboo cotton buds are a sustainable alternative to plastic cotton buds and often come in recyclable cardboard packaging. Cotton buds are a frequent item found washed up on beaches and are a danger to marine life.
  • Use a natural hair brush
    Natural bristle wooden and bamboo hair brushes are not only plastic-free, but also anti-bacterial, so you’ll be taking better care of your scalp while stimulating blood circulation and caring for the planet. Wooden combs are another easy and cheap alternative that avoids plastic.
  • Choose reusable face pads
    Single-use wipes and eye make-up removers are typically made with plastic and packaged in plastic. Disposable cotton pads are a step in the right direction, but are often packaged in plastic. Switch to reusable bamboo/cotton pads and throw them in the wash for continued reuse.
  • No more plastic, period.
    Say no more to single-use plastic periods. Menstrual cups and period underwear may feel out of your comfort zone, but they are a healthier, more sustainable, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. Give it a go, you won’t look back!

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