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Hunter Jones signs on as Take 3 Ambassador

By December 4, 2018 No Comments

Video Credit: @zaccajones + @stickydrones


Take 3 are stoked to announce the newest addition to our family, Hunter Jones! Hunter is a pro surfer, video editor and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California. Between surfing, whipping up sick videos and travelling the world, Hunter still finds time to Take 3 for the Sea.

“Being from LA, I tend to see trash and plastic on the beach and in the water on a daily basis. Putting plastic bags in my wetsuit while surfing or picking up bottle caps in the sand is a normal thing for me.”

Being in the water every day creates a special connection between surfers and the ocean. It was this special connection that triggered the development of Take 3 in the first place! Take 3 is proud to have ambassadors who want to use their position for positive impact on the planet and lead by example in their community.

“Take 3 aligns perfectly with my values and love for the ocean and I’m just stoked to educate and spread the word on plastic pollution however I can.”

Hunter began surfing 13 years ago and has built his life around the sport. His skills in video editing have allowed him to transform a creative outlet into a day job. “I love being creative on social media and can’t wait to show people ways to live a more impactful life.”

Image Credit: @roustan @bumpsetsurf

Hunter joins the Take 3 team at an exciting time. We’ve teamed up with JOCO to present the limited edition Take 3 for the Sea Reusable Cupjust in time for Christmas. 100% of sales from the cups supports the efforts of Take 3 For The Sea in spreading the message to reduce plastic pollution and inspire the new generation to protect our oceans.

Hey Hunter, how do you like your coffee? “I like it with a splash of half & half and two tablespoons of sugar! It’s essential for any early morning surf. Can’t wait to drink it out of my new JOCO cup!”

Us Australians aren’t entirely sure what all of that means, but hey, we’re stoked to share a coffee with you and experience some American jargon.


Follow Hunter’s adventures here @hunterjoness

Image Credit: @graham_yungin