Young trio take action to reduce plastic pollution and raise funds for Take 3

At Take 3 we believe in action and that every person can make a difference and in Clovelly three local children are doing just that.

Sisters Bella (12) and Emi (10) along with friend Emille (12) are raising money for Take 3 and spreading our message throughout their local community after being inspired to protect our oceans when they were in day care.

When they were younger the girls took part in a local beach ‘explore and learn’ project during their time at Clovelly Child Care Centre. This early experience stuck with the youngsters and led to an idea to make and supply bags for residents to use to clean up the beach.

After realising these bags would be used once and possibly thrown away they decided to sell the bags, with all profits going to Take 3, while also setting up Love the Beach, Leave No Trash to raise awareness of the importance of keeping our oceans and waterways clear of plastic and waste.

The girls have sold 57 bags to date, raising an incredible $300 for Take 3 for the Sea!

The idea has taken 18 months to reach this stage but now thanks to community support notably a team of local sewers, and supportive parents and grandparents – the first set of bags have been sold.

Sarah, Mum to Bella and Emi, said: “I am so proud of the girls. They are not trying to solve a problem but have recognised there is something they can do to make a difference.

“It has been a long process to get here, so just the fact that they have kept going with it for 18 months is something to be proud of. They have had lots of support from the community but have done well to keep the momentum going.

“It started when the kids saw something about rubbish collection but didn’t think it was enough as when they go to the beach they would come home with plastic in their bags.

“That is how the idea to leave the bags at the beach came along and after some brainstorming the kids realised that wasn’t going to work. That’s when they said we should do something else, and the money can go back to Take 3 so they can educate people about the problem.”

Emi said: “The bags have kept us busy! I think it’s important to show our community that us kids want the ocean to be a balanced and healthy place for our sea creatures and next generation of kids to have fun in too.”

Older sister Bella added: “Being a nipper, surfer and swimmer,  the beach is like my second home and seeing people litter and not caring about the beach is like seeing someone walk into your home and disrespect it… we need to act!”

Emilie continued: “I love the beach! I spend so much time there, swimming, running, doing nippers and surfing but it saddens me to see so much rubbish on the beach and in the water. It is crucial that we love and take care of our local environment, but we have to remind everyone else to do it too!”

The children, who are all nippers at the local surf club, are also ensuring the bags are sustainable and found a local printer, Sweeney Bros Screen Printing, that uses environmentally friendly paints to make the patches that appear on the bags.

The bags cost just five dollars with the first sales made on Sunday at Clovelly Child Care Centre’s Green Fair – a fitting tribute to where it all began for these three ocean warriors!

For more information visit @lovethebeach_org