The Company We Keep forms new pro bono partnership with Take 3 For The Sea to refresh the charity brand

The Company We Keep, an award-winning full sensory experience agency, has formed a new partnership with Take 3 for the Sea to help the charity on its brand transformation journey.

The collaboration will kick off with a brand refresh for Take 3 for the Sea, a well respected Australia-based not-for-profit organisation which educates and promotes collective action against plastic pollution across the world.

Jacquie Riddell, CEO of Take 3 for the Sea, says: “This refresh is crucial to help grow and expand our important message to new global audiences. Our plastic waste is literally trashing our oceans, harming and killing marine life and impacting human health and the wellbeing of the entire planet. We must pull out all stops to solve this global environmental crisis, which means encouraging personal responsibility to contribute to the solution.

Working with the wonderful team at The CWK, we hope to make the Take 3 for the Sea story even more compelling to guide millions more people towards positive actions they can take to solve the problem.”

The partnership will see The CWK undertake the full brand identity journey for the charity, from research and strategy to creating the new look and feel. 


Nina Charbon, Head of Marketing & Engagement of Take 3 for the Sea, says the partnership will help professionalise and expand the reach of the charity, which started as a grassroots organisation 14 years ago and has expanded into a global movement educating millions of people about sustainability.

She adds: “Effectively communicating our message, values and impact to a broader audience is crucial for us. A brand refresh will enable us to refine our visual identity, messaging, and brand strategy to resonate with our global target audience and stakeholders. As a result, we will expand our reach and foster greater engagement with our cause.

“With The Company We Keep’s expertise and creative vision, we have full confidence that this collaboration will give our brand a well-deserved upgrade to inspire even greater action. Collaborating with an organisation that possesses such talent, creativity, and experience is something that, as a not-for-profit, we can only dream of!”

The new partnership is a logical extension for The CWK, which has a strong commitment to sustainability across its work internally and with clients, including across large scale events and activations.

Nigel Ruffell, CEO of The CWK, adds: “At The CWK, we prioritise giving back to initiatives that resonate with our core beliefs and have a genuine impact. Take 3 for the Sea’s dedicated efforts to combat plastic pollution and safeguard our oceans resonates perfectly with a people-driven brand like us. We believe in delivering positive and innovative experiences while upholding our responsibility to protect the planet and its resources.”

Pictured: Hannah Regan (Program Delivery Manager, Take 3 for the Sea), Jacquie Riddell
(CEO, Take 3 for the Sea), Louisa Ryan (Senior Creative Producer, The Company We Keep),
Stuart Hipwell (Executive Creative Director, The Company We Keep), Nina Charbon (Head of
Marketing & Engagement, Take 3 for the Sea)

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