Plastic Overshoot Day: A Wake-Up Call for Global Environmental Action

You might be familiar with Earth Overshoot Day – the date each year when humanity consumes more resources than the Earth can renew in a year. In a similar vein, Plastic Overshoot Day marks the day when we have used more plastic than the planet’s waste management and recycling systems can handle.

This year, 2023, we hit Plastic Overshoot Day on July 28, just over halfway through the year. Tracking and publicising this date allows us to more clearly define and understand the plastic problem. It also allows us to hold governments, businesses and individuals accountable for their contribution to creating the problem.  

Every country generates a different volume of plastic and manages their waste systems differently. As a result, each country has a different Plastic Overshoot Day. For example, Brazil’s plastic overshoot days comes very early – on 8 January 2023, indicating that the country is generating and using far more plastic than its systems can handle.  By contrast, France’s plastic overshoot day isn’t until December 13, telling us that France is almost, but not quite, in the position of being able to effectively manage all the plastic waste it generates. You can check your country’s Plastic Overshoot Day here 

Read the full report to learn more about your country,

The intention of the research that went into the Plastic Overshoot Report is not to criticize countries for how much plastic they use or how their plastic waste is managed, but rather to increase understanding of the issue and pave the way towards reduced plastic usage and better systems and practices for plastic waste management. All countries are encouraged to develop and implement system-wide solutions to more adequately address plastic overuse, waste and pollution. 

Plastic Overshoot Day serves as a grim reminder of the global plastic pollution crisis that poses a very real threat to our environment, our wildlife and ultimately to human health.  At Take 3 for the Sea we believe in the power of the individual to bring about systemic change. We provide simple human-sized solutions to planet-sized problems. We use education to drive behavioral changes, encouraging individuals and communities to adopt eco-friendly habits, remove litter from the environment and support initiatives that reduce plastic usage. 

Individual actions may seem insignificant when facing a global crisis like plastic pollution, but the power of collective action cannot be underestimated. Every small change in our behavior, every conscious decision to refuse single-use plastics, and every effort to promote sustainable practices counts. To create a sustainable future and to safeguard the health of the planet, we must all commit to reducing plastic consumption, advocating for effective waste management policies, and supporting innovations that mitigate the problem. 

Our goal is to push back Plastic Overshoot Day each year, and ultimately eliminate it from the calendar. Together, we can protect our planet, its diverse ecosystems, and the generations to come from the devastating impacts of plastic pollution.

Join our movement to make plastic pollution a thing of the past! 

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