Take 3 with AVID launches on the Sunshine Coast

Last weekend Take 3 launched the first of five regional projects with AVID Property Group on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. The project consisted of three parts:

  • Take 3 school visit
  • Community film night
  • Community clean up activity

The school visit was to the incredible Montessori International College in Forest Glen. Here, the students were captivated by Tim Silverwood’s presentation on the issue of plastic pollution & the story of Take 3. I’ve never seen so many young students (grades 4-9) in such wonder and awe. Their reaction to the presentation made me feel like there was so much hope for our future. 

After the presentation we held a litter clean up around the school (although the only trash we could find had washed into the school’s beautifully managed grounds from the nearby highway) followed by a waste audit. This school is already well ahead when it comes to managing waste with: recycling bins, compost bins, worm farms, chickens & even a highly productive school garden that sells produce back to families! Tim proudly declared that the school was among the most sustainable schools he’d ever visited, and he’s been to hundreds!

To finish off, the students brainstormed ideas on how they could avoid creating waste & avoid single use plastic at home & within their community. All of the students were extremely motivated to keep removing rubbish from the environment and learn how they can make changes within their community. A round of applause for Montessori International College!

Friday night saw over 250 community members attend the University of Sunshine Coast for a special screening of the film ‘BLUE’. Excitement was building as the great turnout gathered to watch the confronting yet empowering film unveiling the devastating impacts we as a human race are having on our oceans. There were definitely a few tears shed throughout the film, however, I believe everyone left feeling empowered to continue conversations and make positive change. This was made evident by those who were signing up to volunteer for Take 3, speaking to Tim about what they can do to help in their community and buying our reusable merchandise like JOCO Cups.

The final activity on Saturday saw the local community congregate at Mooloolaba Beach for a clean up, debris audit and barbecue. Some individuals even drove from the Gold Coast just to attend and help clean up paradise. After only an hour of cleaning up, I was shocked to see how much waste there was on what looked like a clean beach from afar. It was scary to really see how much waste ends up in our oceans if we as individuals don’t take care of our waste disposal and choices to use single use products.

After having many conversations and conducting some surveys it was amazing to hear that so many people are already taking 3 for the sea and doing their bit for the planet. Tim Silverwood, the Take 3 team and the team at AVID Property Group should walk away with their heads held high, knowing there is so much support for Take 3’s simple message that is helping our environment stay pristine and keeping trash out of our oceans.

To register for future AVID projects & to learn more visit www.avid.com.au/take3forthesea