Take 3 Uses Social Platforms to Mobilise Clean-Up Crews and Impact Change

Earlier this year, Take 3 celebrated Plastic Free July (PFJ), a global initiative to reduce plastic pollution that advocates for people to ditch single-use plastics. 

Take 3 encouraged its international community to take part in PFJ on a local level, by completing their #Take3fortheSea or attending a clean-up in their area. All over the world, people took to the streets, parks, hiking trails and beaches to do their Take 3 and participate in clean-up efforts. One such effort was led by Plastic Free Bohol, a movement against plastic pollution out of Bohol, Philippines. 

The Philippines is a small island nation with a big pollution problem, stemming largely from a reliance on single-use plastics. Without the luxury of effective waste management, the nation faces serious challenges when it comes to tackling plastic pollution. The United Nations called this problem “one of the great environmental challenges of all time.”

However, rising from the sea of single-use plastics is an eagerness to help and a strong sense of environmental activism among Filipinos. In fact, there are many waste management and ocean advocacy groups in the Philippines striving to make a difference by reducing the impacts of plastic pollution and waste in the ocean and broader environment.

During PFJ, Take 3 recognised the efforts of Plastic Free Bohol and S.E.A. Movement through various social media posts that encouraged participation in upcoming clean-up events, and celebrated their incredible results.

On 20th July, Plastic Free Bohol and 35 volunteers removed 365 kilograms of non-biodegradable trash from Danao Beach in just one hour. The most common items found were fishing gear (nylon nets), plastic and glass bottles, food packaging, cans, diapers, shoes and clothes” said Jammy Ungab, founder of Plastic Free Bohol.

“We were able to amplify the reach of existing local clean-up crews to increase attendance and impacts of their events,” says Madeleine Bell, communications manager at Take 3 for the Sea. “There is a movement of Filipino activists who are creating positive change, and we saw this as an opportunity to use our platform for good and multiply the impacts of their incredible work.” 

The reach and momentum the posts generated is a testament to Take 3 using its platform to mobilise others to make an impact. These kinds of efforts are vital in the pursuit to curb plastics and clean up our oceans. 

“The results have been amazing and we want to celebrate the incredible work of these communities,” says Tim Silverwood, co-founder and CEO of Take 3. “We want to continue to use Take 3’s movement and platform to grow our global movement and connect people to our precious planet.”

Source: supplied by Plastic Free Bohol

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