Sustainable design with JOCO X Carla Scotto

2018 has been a huge year for the plastic-free movement. The global push to ban single-use plastic items like plastic bags, food containers, straws and more has gained serious momentum. In Australia, the ban on single-use plastic bags by two supermarket giants prevented the introduction of an estimated 1.5 billion bags into the environment. The Collins Dictionary even selected ‘single-use’ as their Word of the Year 2018 to highlight the conversation around our addiction to a disposable lifestyle. 

These key moments represent a considerable change in the global discussion around single-use plastics… could the tide finally be turning on our plastic addiction?


“Sustainable design isn’t trendy,
it’s necessary”

Carla Scotto, influential illustrator & graphic designer


Take 3 has lead the shift away from single-use plastics for almost 10 years. During this time, we have created a partnership with JOCO that increases our positive impacts on the environment. Our work with JOCO has resulted in the removal of over 45,000 pieces of plastic from the environment in under two years. By purchasing one of the Take 3 X Carla Scotto JOCO Cups, this will rise to over 75,000 pieces of plastic removed – plastic that was destined for the oceans. Each JOCO cup sold is supporting Take 3’s mission to remove hazardous plastic from the environment AND stopping the flow of plastic into our waterways in the first place.

Take 3 X JOCO have teamed up with influential illustrator Carla Scotto aka @carladrawz to bring her conscious message to the ethical canvas of the JOCO Cup.


“Sustainable design isn’t trendy, it’s necessary. I endeavour to make my artwork both accessible and aesthetically pleasing, all while encouraging the viewer to chow down on some nasty truths about the environment. I’m super proud of these cups and I think people who invest in one should also be proud to show off something a little different in the realm of reusable design. It was so hard to pick one visual to represent the value of choosing to reuse, which is why the cups are an amalgamation of the thoughts and concerns I have and share with the people who care, and those who soon will.” – Carla Scotto.


100% of purchases from this collection support the efforts of Take 3 in reducing plastic pollution and inspiring a new generation to protect our oceans. The Take 3 for the Sea JOCO Cup is the perfect environmentally friendly gift this holiday season. Purchase your cup today and reduce the flow of plastic into the oceans.

Written by Madeleine Bell



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