New South Wales artist inspired to support Take 3 after school visit

New South Wales artist Shannon McLoughlin is donating 10 per cent of her profits to Take 3 for the Sea after being inspired to join our global movement following a school incursion when she was younger.

Back in her school days, Take 3 educators visited Figtree High School in Wollongong where a young Shannon was inspired by the issue of waste in our oceans and waterways.

Desperate to play her part and help our continued fight to take action and educate the next generation, the budding artist made the decision to use her talents for the greater good and after learning more about the issue she is doing just that.

Shannon said: “When I was younger, I didn’t have much of an understanding about the impact of plastic, but then we had a visit from Take 3 and it opened my eyes to the issues

“The presentation focused on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and at the time I had no idea it existed and that it was growing every year. I was trying to do my bit by recycling but had no idea about single-use plastic and what damage that equated to.

“It really shocked me and made me re-evaluate my life and how much plastic I was using and where it was going.

“I did some research after the visit and as a huge animal lover I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with seagulls and other animals having so much plastic in their stomachs, it was really shocking and it is great to now be able to play my part in making a change.”

Shannon, also known as Tidebreak Art, is an acrylic and mixed media artist who takes her inspiration from the beautiful beaches along the East Australian coastline.

Inspired by the ocean, she is also dedicated to animal protection and ocean conservation and has spent time volunteering at Matang Wildlife Sanctuary, in Borneo, building animal enclosures and ensuring the wellbeing of the animals.

“What I love about Take 3 is this simple message that we can all make a difference. Whether that be picking up three pieces of litter or educating others about the issue, essentially that the smallest changes can make a difference,” added Shannon, who is also a teacher at Lake Illawarra High School.

“I have always lived by the ocean and it felt like polluting your own home so that is why I am so passionate about keeping our beaches clean.

“As an artist I will often take my easel to the water and paint on the beach, and it is really sad painting a beautiful seascape and seeing this rubbish floating in the water.

“I hope by doing this I can raise awareness of the work Take 3 are doing. I have sold my art in many countries, including America, and they have started promoting Take 3 so it is nice to see that just painting something and showing what I would like the oceans and beaches to look like other people are seeing that image and wanting to make that a reality.

To purchase one of Shannon’s beautiful paintings and support Take 3 visit her website.