‘Little Pago’ children’s book spreads the Take 3 message far and wide

Inspiring a new generation of ocean advocates, the new fictional children’s book ‘Little Pago’ spreads the Take 3 message far and wide.

Illustrator, graphic designer, and mother of four, Lauren Briggs is on a mission to change the way younger generations think about plastic pollution. The energetic and brightly illustrated book follows the journey of a young turtle in an inspiring story about friendship, perseverance and how our choices impact fragile marine animals.

Little Pago and Take 3 share the same mission and goals; to protect our marine life and oceans.  Our collaboration seemed the perfect way to amplify our unified message of eliminating litter and plastic pollution, so it doesn’t pose a threat to our marine life and oceans,” said Lauren.

If inspiring our youth to protect Australia’s endangered sea turtles wasn’t enough, a donation to Take 3 for the Sea will be made with each book purchase to support our work to fight the plastic pollution crisis.

“Take 3 for the Sea are empowering our next generation to take action through their effective and didactic educational programs they are effectively delivering to our Australian youth. I have been so inspired to work with Sarah and the passionate team at Take 3,” said Lauren.

Bringing Little Pago to life has been decades in the making. The character was first conceived during Lauren’s university project as a loveable but endangered baby turtle.

Pictured: Author, Lauren Briggs

“Many years later, together with my family, I travelled to Borneo on an adventure holiday and then on to a remote turtle conservation island called Lankayan Island. It was here that my idea for a children’s picture book jumped out at me, as the baby turtles were making their run for the ocean for the first time,” Lauren wrote in her blog.

“Watching their beauty and vulnerability, I knew then and there that I wanted to create a children’s picture book about the plight of these sea turtles. Becoming a mother had made me so much more aware of how my choices impact the environment and that of my children’s future. I loved reading stories to them and so it was a natural next step to take my little hero, Little Pago, and turn him into a meaningful story that could inspire change.”

Take 3 CEO, Sarah Beard said, “When Lauren first told me about Little Pago and asked if Take 3 might want to get involved it was a big yes! At Take 3 we believe in education that inspires participation and it’s never too early to start.

Telling such a beautiful and engaging story with such stunning illustrations is by far the best way to raise awareness about such a critical issue as plastic pollution in our oceans. After reading Little Pago I am sure there will be hundreds of youngsters asking their mums and dads to stop using single use plastics!

Thank you to Boolarong Press who are donating a percentage of each sale to Take 3 to support us in our ongoing education programs and our goal to educate 1,000,000 kids by 2030.”

Little Pago is available to purchase online here. For more information and further recourses head to the Little Pago website.