Laura Wells joins the Take 3 family

Take 3 for the Sea is delighted to officially welcome environmentalist, presenter, and model Laura Wells to our special ‘family’ of ocean guardians who support us in achieving our mission. 

Laura has long been associated with Take 3, having met a kindred spirit in our founder and former CEO Tim Silverwood in 2012, and we are absolutely thrilled to announce her as the newest recruit to our Take 3 Ambassador program.

Sydney-born Laura is a natural fit to join the Take 3 global movement for change with her passion for the environment, love for the ocean and interest in facilitating climate change action leading her to become a positive role model, advocate, and ambassador for change.

“Take 3 helped me start my career in the environmental space in Australia and I am always grateful for that and keen to give back,” said Laura.

“When I moved back to Australia from New York in 2012 I wanted to work in the environmental space but had obviously been away from Australia for a while. Luckily, I met Tim and he explained what Take 3 do and invited me to follow them and step into that world.

“From there everything happened, I started working on the Kicking the Can campaign with Boomerang Alliance, who Take 3 support, and met so many wonderful people who are doing great things to help the environment.  Working directly with Take 3 again feels like returning to my roots and will give me the opportunity to help the people that have helped me.”

Our former CEO and co-founder Tim Silverwood and Laura Wells together at a Take 3 event 

Laura holds degrees in both biology and law as well as a qualification in environmental management systems. She is a proud advocate for environmental change and believes in the importance of educating people not only on the issues, but focusing on solutions, to empower individuals to create change.

Laura’s profile, passion and commitment to protecting our oceans and waterways make her the perfect ambassador for Take 3 and our mission to educate, act and protect.

“Take 3 for the Sea is one of the easiest, simplest and effective messages that one person can learn,” Laura continued. “It works on so many levels and can reach people with no idea about the ocean or the problem of microplastics in general and then encourage them to be curious and learn more.

“My passion for this really developed after going to university and learning about how we are so interconnected with our ecosystem and the environment and we can’t really survive without a healthy environment.

“In order for humans to be healthy, we need to be physically, mentally and environmentally healthy. That means not only looking after our body and minds but also our environment, as if that fails, we can’t be physically or mentally healthy which is vital to me.”

Welcome to the Take 3 family, Laura, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

To find out more about Lara and her work check out her Instagram page or visit