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Kyal & Kara are Take 3’s newest ambassadors

By March 8, 2019 No Comments

As Take 3 continues to grow, so too does our special ‘family’ of ocean guardians who support us in achieving our mission. Take 3 are thrilled to announce the newest recruits to our Take 3 Ambassador program, Kyal and Kara Demmrich. Kyal and Kara are celebrity renovation experts from Take 3’s home town on the Central Coast, NSW.

Kyal and Kara began renovating over 10 years ago when they purchased their first home. Kyal, having just completed his carpentry apprenticeship and Kara in her final year of university studying physiotherapy, immersed themselves in the after hours work involved in creating their first transformation.

Fast forward a few years, and they’ve completed two reality renovation television shows, run a successful Design & Construction Business and are regulars on Network 10’s The Living Room. Over the past five years alone, Kyal and Kara have project-managed, designed or completed over 35 renovation projects.

Kyal and Kara have been members of the Take 3 community for many years but have come on board in an official capacity to champion our message and lead the renovation of the Take 3 Office and Sustainability Hub. Their generosity and community spirit is evident in their willingness to undertake the renovation of our new headquarters pro bono.

“Kara and I have always loved the ocean, and we’re passionate about keeping our waters and surrounding areas clean. What we admire most about Take 3 is that they have taken action, are sending out a strong educational message and have started a real cultural change.” – Kyal Demmrich⁣

⁣It is a combination of Kyal and Kara’s commitment to ocean conservation and their core values that prioritise ‘giving back’ to community which emphasise their suitability as Take 3 Ambassadors. Welcome to the Take 3 family, Kyal and Kara.




Images supplied by Kyal and Kara