Take 3 launch Turtle Club to inspire next generation

Take 3 for the Sea’s Turtle Club will officially launch this year with a fun, interactive club for children specifically designed to inspire the next generation of environmentalists.

The kids club for ocean warriors costs just $99.00 with members receiving a welcome pack including Take 3 bag, #Take3fortheSea stickers, Take 3 postcards, Take 3 t-shirt, a subscription to the Turtle Club E-Magazine and other exciting benefits throughout the year!

By joining the Take 3 Turtle Club, your child or a child you love will become part of a growing movement of young people around the world who want their voice to be heard.

The Take 3 Turtle Club is an inclusive group of young conservationists who have a care and love for the ocean. Suitable for children aged 8-13 years. Join our club today!

For details of family offers for multiple children please contact us via info@take3.org

For our CEO, Sarah Beard, this new junior membership is of particular personal significance, she said: “I am delighted Take 3 are launching the Turtle Club. My passion for protecting the environment and our wildlife began when I was a child and I hope your journey can start here with us.

“Aged 10 I was a member of the DODO Club (Gerald Durrell Foundation now the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust) which inspired me to form my own club amongst my friends.

“I called it the ‘Animal Club’ and collected stories and information about animals in need. We raised money by door knocking and I would donate this to charity.

“I told this story to the team at Take 3 and it inspired us to form the Turtle Club. I hope it helps give children a voice and allows them to learn about their environment, its beauty, its value but also the issues and how they can be part of the solution by simple actions and inspiring.

“At Take 3 our focus is on engagement and action and joining the Turtle Club is a great way for the next generation to start their conservation journey and become the leaders of the future.”

The turtle has long been associated with Take 3. A truly ancient being, the turtle is one of the oldest creatures to inhabit the planet and represent the continuous connection between land and sea.

Sadly, plastic pollution is devastating marine turtles through entanglement in debris and contamination of their food chain. Too many turtles are innocent victims of our careless consumption of plastic and we owe it to them to take action.

Take 3 are doing just that with our mission to remove rubbish from the environment through education programs, international campaigns and clean ups.

Our simple message, Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or… anywhere and you have made a difference, has sparked a global movement that encourages everyone to get involved and help protect our oceans from plastic pollution.

Join the Turtle Club today!