Take 3’s new learning programs reveal the shocking impact of plastics on our climate

As the world prepares for the next United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt on 6 November, Take 3 is delighted to announce the launch of two new  programs focusing on the connection between plastic and climate change: Plastic = Climate Change is a corporate learning program and  Climate, Clean ups and Classrooms is for secondary school students. Watch the video below, created by Take 3 for the Sea, to spread awareness about the impact plastic has on our changing climate. 

Not everyone is aware of the role plastics play in the climate crisis. Plastic is one of the most energy intensive materials to produce. Newly published research estimates that throughout their lifecycle, plastics account for 3.8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s almost double the emissions of the aviation sector. If it were a country, the “Plastic Kingdom” would be the fifth-highest emitter in the world. This is because plastic creates greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of its lifecycle, from production to distribution to degeneration. Plastic products are transported en masse around the world, adding more emissions to the tally. Finally, when plastics are discarded in the environment and exposed to sunlight, the potent greenhouse gasses methane and ethylene are released. 

Furthermore, demand for plastic is predicted to rise. We currently produce 190 times more plastic than we did in the 1950s when mass production started. If our demand for plastic continues to increase at this rate, harmful emissions from plastics could hit 15% of global emissions by 20501. At Take 3 we are determined to help people understand the role plastic plays in climate change, and encourage them to take action to reduce their own plastic consumption.



Plastic = Climate Change is a new corporate learning program. Delivered virtually, it is ideal for people working both in the office and from home. Participants will view amazing climate-orientated videos and resources, and explore the climate impacts of their individual or their employer’s plastic consumption. The workshop will conclude with participants identifying opportunities to articulate and reduce their individual or their business’ carbon footprint by creating site-specific solutions and making a ‘climate pledge’ to reduce their use of plastics.


Climate, Clean ups and Classroom (C3) is Take 3’s latest program for school students in Years 8-10. The program consists of online workshops with inspiring climate-orientated young guest speakers and engaging video resources. Throughout the program students explore the climate impacts of plastic consumption and identify opportunities to articulate and reduce their individual carbon footprint. The one-hour online program can be delivered either virtually or as a fully downloadable resource package. 

Roberta Dixon-Valk, Co-founder of Take 3, is passionate about the importance of these two new programs, “With both the plastic and climate crises looming large, Take 3 wants to ensure the climate narrative is inextricably linked to messaging around plastic pollution. Put simply, if we reduce plastic consumption, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions because plastics contribute directly to climate change.”

If you are a business  interested in offering Plastic = Climate Change to your staff, contact Jenny-lee@take3.org.

If you are a teacher or school interested in offering Climate, Clean ups and Classrooms to your students, contact education@take3.org.