Take 3 takes the helm from Seaside Scavenge!

Take 3 for the Sea are thrilled to announce that they will be rolling out a major new program in 2022. After nearly two years of disrupted operations thanks to the pandemic, it’s time to re-engage with communities around Australia. And thanks to the Sydney-based organisation, Seaside Scavenge, we will have an exciting new event format to help us do that.

Seaside Scavenge has spent the last seven years activating local communities to reimagine waste as a resource through fun and unique programs that ultimately clean up local waterways and the ocean. Seaside Scavenge will be closing their doors in March 2022 and Take 3 will be taking over delivery of their flagship events, the Scavenges.  At a Scavenge, litter collected by participants from local waterways and parklands becomes a currency in a pop-up market to purchase pre-loved clothes and other goods that have been donated by the local community. During these ‘cash for trash’ events, there are live performances by local musicians, workshops and talks by local community groups working in waste reduction and environmental conservation. Trash, Tunes, Treasure – all in a fun, festival atmosphere!

Community participants sorting rubbish at a Seaside Scavenge event

The whole Scavenge experience is designed to increase public awareness of litter, single-use plastic and waste reduction techniques, specifically how waste impacts the natural environment and how both individuals and groups can be part of the solution. Furthermore, the Scavenges provide a perfect opportunity for local environment and community groups to connect with each other, creating a catalyst for environmental education and further community involvement.

A happy participant with the ‘cash’ she swapped for ‘trash’ to spend in the pop-up market

This is truly a match made in heaven because Take 3 and Seaside Scavenge share the same mission –  to educate communities to understand there is no ‘away’ when it comes to waste and to introduce them to the concept of the circular economy, which aims to design out waste and pollution and regenerate natural systems.  

The pop-up market of pre-loved clothes and other goods

We congratulate Seaside Scavenge on their AMAZING work over the past seven years. Although it is sad that they are no longer able to operate, they have undoubtedly achieved a significant impact in communities across Australia.

Seaside Scavenge Impact:

96 events

3,912 kg recycling removed

11,252 kg landfill removed

15,164 kg total weight removed

604,849 trash items removed (cigarette butts, 

11,858 kg clothing/books donated

334 community groups participated

1,228 volunteers

468 business sponsors

9,365 participants

We look forward to taking the Scavenges to new heights, building on the incredible work done by the dedicated staff and volunteers at Seaside Scavenge. Look out for the first Take 3 Scavenge event in mid-2022.


Seaside Scavenge are running four final events in 2022 before closing their doors in March. Why not come along and join in the fun, as a participant or a volunteer? Click below to find out more. 

  1. Redfern Scavenge – 29th January
  2. Newcastle Scavenge – 12th February
  3. McCrae Scavenge – 12th February
  4. Parramatta Scavenge – 19th February