Take 3 For The Sea presents Seaside Scavenge

Join us Saturday 28 October!

Join us for a spectacular day of coastal conservation and community collaboration at the upcoming Take 3 for the Sea Seaside Scavenge event, proudly delivered in partnership with Mosman Council! Mark your calendars for Saturday October 28, 2023, from 10am to 2pm, as we embark on a mission to clean up and protect our cherished shores.

This exciting event promises a meaningful experience for all ages, as we come together to make a positive impact on our environment. Engage in the thrilling Scavenge, where every piece of litter you collect transforms into currency to shop at our second hand market, filled with unique, pre-loved treasures.

Let’s bask in the joy of giving back to our planet while enjoying fun-filled activities, educational workshops, live music, interactive eco-education stalls and a strong sense of community spirit. Be a part of this empowering initiative and help create a cleaner, healthier ocean for generations to come. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect, learn, and make a real difference at the Take 3 for the Sea Seaside Scavenge event in partnership with Mosman Council!


About Seaside Scavenge

Take 3 For The Sea has recently taken over the delivery of the Seaside Scavenge events.

Seaside Scavenge was originally founded by Anna Jane (AJ) Linke in 2015. AJ had been living in Chile and was dismayed by the amount of plastic left lying along the Chilean coastline. She started up a small program to educate Chilean children about the value of waste. When she returned to Australia, she was even more shocked to realise that, despite our coastal culture, our beaches were also littered with plastic and other trash, and Australians were largely unaware of this environmental tragedy unfolding before their eyes.

AJ was determined to find a way to engage and educate people about the problem of waste so she came up with the ‘cash-for-trash’ concept, whereby the litter collected by participants at a beach clean-up becomes a currency to purchase pre-loved clothes, toys and more donated by the local community and displayed in a pop-up market.

Thrown into this one-day event is a line-up of live musicians powered by our bike generator, along with stalls and workshops from local community and environmental groups, and prizes donated by local businesses. The whole Seaside Scavenge formula – trash, tunes, treasure – is about giving litter and waste back its real value.

What is Seaside Scavenge?

Seaside Scavenge is a waste education event where litter collected from local waterways and parklands becomes a currency in a pop-up market to purchase pre-loved clothes and goods that have been donated by the local community. Alongside performances by live, local musicians there are talks and stalls hosted by local community groups working in waste reduction and environmental conservation, as well as prizes up for grabs from local businesses.

What makes Seaside Scavenge unique?

Seaside Scavenge is the only waste education organisation that turns trash into ‘cash’. For every 10 pieces of litter that is collected, sorted and catalogued, the participant receives 1 Trash Token that can be used to purchase items in our pop-up market. The use of a positive, fun and solution-based approach to waste education has resulted in 72% of the 10,000+ Scavenge participants having attended their first clean-up and waste education event. Evidently, the Scavenge approach is successfully engaging a new audience to the problem of waterway pollution but, more importantly, it is introducing the circular solutions and behaviours that can change it! Seaside Scavenge is unique among environmental programs in that it reaches the unconverted.

What impact has Seaside Scavenge events had?

Since 2015 Seaside Scavenge has achieved the following: Delivered 90 events in 57 communities Educated 10,308 participants about waste as a resource Removed 15,133 kg of litter and 228,000 butts Redistributed 11,718 kg of pre-loved goods Engaged 556 businesses with their packaging practices Provided 320 community groups a platform to showcase through stalls, talks and workshops!

Why is litter catalogued at Seaside Scavenge events?

At every Scavenge we sort the rubbish collected into categories, such as soft plastic, cigarette butts, coffee cups, and count up all the items. The resulting data is input into the Australian Marine Debris Database where it is used by researchers to inform strategies to stop marine pollution at source. We also provide an insightful ‘wrap-up report’ after each Scavenge which is shared with local Governments who use it to guide their strategies and initiatives around single-use plastic and zero waste.