Pleasant State become official supporter of Take 3 for the Sea

Take 3 for the Sea are proud to confirm Pleasant State, Australia’s first concentrated eco-friendly cleaning bars that dissolve in water, as our latest official supporter.

Created by Sunshine Coast entrepreneurs Ami Bateman and Sian Murray, Pleasant State pioneered Australia’s first ‘just add water’ cleaning bars to help forward thinking Australians reduce their use of toxic chemicals and single-use plastics in their homes.

The female-founded, Australian based start-up, have been long-time supporters of Take 3 and just days after celebrating their one-year anniversary can now make it official.

The concept for Pleasant State was sparked, researched and developed on Aussie shores to combat the alarming statistics surrounding cleaning products: Australians buy over 23 million single-use plastic spray cleaning products a year which will go straight to landfill once used.

Pleasant State is trying to reverse that dangerous trend and can now boast  over 8,000 Australian customers preventing more than 20,000 plastic bottles from being produced and ending up in landfill. 

Take 3 CEO Sarah Beard said: “Take 3 are always looking to support brands on their sustainability journey but we are also eager to associate ourselves with those already making a difference in the war on plastic.

“Pleasant State is a prime example of this and through the creativity, passion, desire and hard work of their co-founders Ami and Sian they are challenging the norm of what we need to clean our homes.

“We look forward to a long and productive working relationship and thank them for their support.”

The Pleasant State range comes with three tailored products created to clean different aspects of the home – multi-purpose, bathroom, and glass/mirror – and is delivered in a concentrated pressed bar form, activated by only warm water. 

The brand has also created a bespoke glass and silicone spray-bottle to pair with product bars. Voted just as effective as major household cleaning brands by product testers, the non-toxic, zero waste range is safe for people and the planet. Pleasant State is so serious about its zero-waste commitment that even the bar packaging is home compostable.

And Pleasant State’s dedication to saving our environment and cleaning up our world further led them to support Take 3 with donations throughout the last year before taking that partnership a step further by becoming an official supporter. Pleasant State has pledged to continue supporting Take 3 by donating 2% from all sales of their revolutionary products.

Pleasant State co-founder Sian Murray said: “Pleasant State has long been inspired by the incredible work of Take 3 for the Sea, so being able to support them in an official capacity so early on in our journey is really exciting. 

Pleasant State co-founder Sian Murray showing her support for Take 3 via our hashtag 

“It’s a clear demonstration that the plastic issue and its impact on our oceans, sea life and human health is a significant concern to our customers. It’s definitely a proud moment for us. 

“We look forward to learning and collaborating with Take 3 as we work towards a better future for our planet.”

To find out more about Pleasant State visit their website.