Take 3 CEO Clean Up coming to Sydney this May

Take 3 for the Sea are delighted to confirm our CEO Clean Up is heading to Sydney following successful equivalents on the Central Coast.

The inaugural beach clean-up event for Sydney business leaders will take place at Manly Cove Beach on the morning of Friday May 7 and is an opportunity to make a difference in the community and show leadership on sustainability.

This unique event encourages CEOs, directors and business owners to roll up their sleeves and clean up their local community while fundraising to support our work to rid the world of plastic pollution through education and action. To sign up or nominate a CEO visit our dedicated CEO Clean Up website.

Take 3 for the Sea are also thrilled to confirm Valerie Taylor will be joining us on the day. The pioneering Australian scuba diver, documentary maker, photographer, author, painter and marine conservationist will welcome the guests in attendance and share her wisdom from over 70 years of protecting our environment and wildlife.

Valerie Taylor said: “Our marine world is a precious gift. A gift from nature that sustains all life on this planet yet we treat it harshly. We pollute its waters and harvest its life without thought for the future or a care for the destruction we leave in our wake.” 

The Sydney event is supported by My Fast Ferry, owned and operated by NRMA, with all participants invited to join a fast ferry from Sydney’s Circular Quay to Manly for the clean-up. On board the business leaders will enjoy a talk from Take 3 CEO Sarah Beard as well as an opportunity to network with other attendees.

Past events on the Central Coast have proved a big success with 90 CEOs and business leaders attending, collecting nearly 500kgs of litter and raising more than $36,000 for Take 3.

CEOs and business leaders complete a litter audit at the 2020 event 

Take 3 CEO Sarah Beard said: “I am thrilled our Take 3 CEO Clean Up is coming to Sydney. In the words of Valerie Taylor we humans must answer this call to action, the future is in our hands. 

“The CEO Clean-Up is an opportunity for business leaders to show environmental leadership, to unite and collectively work to make a positive impact on the world we live in. 

“At Take 3 we believe in education and action, but this is not just for school children, educating our business leaders is just as important with these people able to make a real difference through change.

“The clean up will also take place just prior to Mother’s Day weekend so what better time to show your support for Mother Earth and the oceans which are the lungs of the earth by helping us remove unwanted plastic and waste from Manly.”

Funds raised from the CEO Clean-Up help Take 3 to deliver vital education programs in schools, surf clubs and communities around Australia. Specifically, you’re helping us to achieve a major goal of educating 3million school children by 2025.

Nominate a CEO or sign up now! If you are unable to attend you can still support Take 3’s global movement for change here.