Hand Shaped Eco-Board To Spread Awareness Of Take 3

Meet Andy: Mechanical Fitter. Board Shaper. Ocean Lover.


Andy and his daughter. Image: Andy Collyer

Take 3 recently came across a story we couldn’t help sharing with you all. We’d like you to meet Andy Collyer, a mechanical fitter from Western Australia with a deep love for the ocean. It came to Andy’s attention while Taking 3 pieces of rubbish from the picturesque stretch of beach out the front of his property, that there was a lot more than 3 pieces of rubbish hidden amongst the natural beauty.

Andy had the grim realisation that in fact, plastic was scattered all over this ‘pristine’ slice of coastline in southern WA. All types of plastic, from recreational fishing waste like lines and lures to plastic water bottles and bottle tops had washed up on his home beach.

“The majority of waste I find is recreational fishing related waste,” said Andy, “which would be coming from people who claim to have a love for the ocean.”

As Andy’s knowledge and awareness of plastic pollution grew, so did his determination to reduce his own plastic footprint and end his reliance on single use plastics altogether. Andy shapes surfboards out of his garage under his brand, AMC Surfboards. A modest craftsman, Andy simply shapes surfboards because he loves to.

Andy has decided to design, shape and auction off an eco-board with all proceeds being donated to Take 3. PLACE YOUR BID HERE! The auction closes Friday 17 August.

Hand shaped AMC Surfboard up for auction. Image: Andy Collyer

“I want to do more than Take 3, I want to spread the message,” said Andy.

A firm believer in education, Andy supports Take 3’s Education Programs and wants to give back to our organisation to ensure more students are educated about the global plastic problem. Andy and his wife Kate want to ensure that our oceans are preserved and protected for their daughter, and for generations to come.

Through interacting with Take 3’s simple message: to Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or… anywhere, Andy has changed his family’s lifestyle for the better. He believes, like we do, that when each individual takes action, a shift in culture and behaviour can take place. This leads to the preservation and protection of our beautiful planet.

“One thing is for sure; by doing nothing, nothing will change,” said Andy.