The Blonde Nomads – The Travelling Take 3ers

Meet The Blonde Nomads: a family of four who sold everything to travel the country and live a nomadic lifestyle. Why? Rob and Tracy, and their children Marli and Ziggy just love adventure. After selling their home and quitting their jobs, the family now live on the road 24/7 chasing the sun, swimming in the ocean daily and embracing Australia’s natural beauty.

Having developed a strong connection with nature, The Blonde Nomads saw it fit that they give back to our beautiful country. Late last year, we had the pleasure of joining forces with this adventurous bunch! Here’s what they’ve been up to:



Take 3: It’s been just over three months on the road for The Blonde Nomads. Tell us about the single best and worst experiences you’ve had thus far. 

TBN: Every day exploring and living in the van has brought something awesome to add to the mix! One experience that stands out is a great camp on a beach on the NSW South coast, surrounded by kangaroos, we had just finished a tag team surf of Rob’s hand made wooden longboard when 2 Mother Humpback whales cruised past with their calves!! The four of them put on a real show for us not far offshore, it was a delight to see and a memory that will stay with us forever! 

The worst experience for us was when our mini Blondies – Marli and Ziggy caught a tummy bug and were super sick for 7 days! We have never seen them so sick. We were up with them 24/7 and had very little sleep on top of living in such a small space it was pretty hard. 

Take 3: Where did your travels begin? And where are you right now? 

TBN: After selling our house and most of our possessions we left Sydney and travelled down the South Coast of NSW into VIC and then across to Tasmania for 8 amazing weeks! 

We are now back on the mainland in Melbourne and will continue to follow the coast as we lap Oz! 

Take 3: Tell us about an average day on the road with The Blonde Nomads.

TBN: Our activities vary each day – they are never the same. We often wake up early… because… ‘kids’!

We then head out to explore the area we are currently in. We love a good hike, or beach to explore – or swim, surf, snorkel etc. The kids are crazy about animals and nature so they are in their element. We often have some down time around lunch for Ziggy to have a sleep and then head out to explore more in the afternoon or get some work done at ‘home’ for our blog, or do some ‘house/van’ keeping, things like a load of washing or a food shop – whatever needs to be done. 


Rob, Tracy, Marli and Ziggy

Take 3: As avid Take 3ers, how have you managed to spread the Take 3 message on your adventures?

TBN: We are stoked to be apart of such a great initiative. We love the concept and it is something we do almost every day! As we travel around Australia we are sharing our adVANtures on our social accounts and post regular images of rubbish pick-ups and the importance of protecting our environment for our future generations. We get a great response from these posts and so many people have told us they now ‘take 3 for the sea’ because they heard about it from us. 

..our mini Blondies can’t walk past a piece of rubbish without picking it up or yelling “RUBBISH” haha! We’ve even had to tell them they are not allowed to pick it up without asking us first as they have picked up some pretty yucky, dirty or dangerous stuff!

We also feature the Take 3 logo on our website and on our adventure truck to help raise brand awareness.

Take 3: Have you noticed certain types of plastic are repeat offenders on our beaches and in our waterways? If so, which types?

TBN: We’ve seen a variety on our travels so far. A lot of plastic bottles, or bits of bottles, food wrappers and little tiny ‘baby-bits’ as we call them. 

Take 3: Where to next!?

TBN: We plan to follow the seasons and do a full lap of Oz (or maybe 2…or 3!). We are heading along the Great Ocean Road to explore west of VIC then into SA as we ‘head around the block!’ in a clockwise direction.. wherever the wind blows us!

If you see us on the road please say hi or give us a toot! We’d love you to join us on our trip by following  @theblondenomads on Instagram and Facebook, as well as travel tips and videos via our website