Take 3 Joins Forces With Freediver Julia Wheeler

Meet Our Newest Ambassador!


Take 3 is thrilled to welcome freediving extraordinaire, Julia Wheeler, to it’s ranks as our newest ambassador.

Julia, aka @iamjuliawheeler, has been in the water since she can remember. It was her grandmother who first introduced Julia to the wonders of the water, teaching her to swim even before she could walk.

Fast forward to today, Julia is one of Australia’s leading freedivers, currently boasting a staggering four-and-a-half minute breath hold record. Think back to what you were doing nearly five minutes ago and imagine not breathing from then until right now. Incredible, right?! We think so too.

Julia’s knowledge and passion for the water continued to evolve as she grew older, so much so that her career now revolves around it. In November 2016, Julia competed in the Australian Freediving Depth Championships. It was during a training dive for this event that Julia noticed the shocking quantities of plastic floating off the Indonesian coast.

‘We were out about 300m off the beach near the diving buoys, and it was like we were swimming in three tonnes of garbage; chip packets, water bottles… it was disgusting,’ said Julia. ‘It was really scary and overwhelming – repulsive – it makes you feel sick to your stomach.’

Julia’s experience that day was worsened when she swam back up to the surface, and upon surfacing, caught her head in a floating plastic bag. ‘Ever since that feeling of suffocation and dirtiness, I’ve been pretty hard on [actively fighting the problem of plastic pollution],’ she said.

Julia is no stranger to the environmental sustainability world, having worked with many conservation groups over the last four years in Africa, inclusive of conservation organisation, Wild Ark, and the Global Conservation Force (GCF). GCF are an organisation dedicated to saving wildlife from extinction through education, anti-poaching and conservation efforts.

Above all, it’s Julia’s undying love for the ocean that makes her the perfect fit for our Ambassador Program.

‘You can’t control the ocean, it’s wild. We are so lucky and fortunate to be able to interact with it. To me, it’s the epicentre of freedom,’ Julia said.

Take 3 are thrilled to join forces with Julia and welcome her to the Take 3 team.